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So the ending of The Walking Dead Season Two video game is basically just a complicated yet elegant way of stripping you bare and getting you to really look at yourself in the mirror to find out who you are, and what you believe.

And then, without passing any judgment of its own, it quietly closes the door and leaves you in that room, empty save for the mirror.

It is perfect.

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I'm sorry, but killing someone bc they "accidentally" killed a baby, that has no blood-relations with him, is acceptable? Kenny jumped the gun and assumed that Jane killed AJ. That could be a possibility but w/ Clem's trust growing over Jane, I don't think Jane will risk that. Let's say Clem had the baby after the car crashed and she "killed" AJ like Jane. Do you think Kenny would just let her go and everything would be sunshine and rainbows? Killing someone, unless for defense, is unacceptable.


I never said it was acceptable, but if I was in his situation and had just been told that my newborn child (Kenny sees AJ as his own) had been killed in the hands of somebody I didn’t even trust anyway then I would have reacted the same way. Besides, if I was Kenny I would have immediately thought that Jane had purposefully killed the child, she clearly doesn’t like AJ much and if she can let her own sister die she certainly wouldn’t lose much sleep over the death of a newborn who she refers to as ‘it’.

I think that’s exactly what Jane was trying to show Clementine, that if she was responsible for something that happened to AJ then Kenny might hurt her. But I honestly don’t think Kenny would ever put Clementine in danger like that, he would stop himself before it went too far.

Obviously it wouldn’t be just ‘sunshine and rainbows’, but I think if Jane had just told the truth he would have left her to go to AJ, then there would have been a choice for Clementine to go with either Jane or Kenny as they wouldn’t want to all leave together.

Whilst it was wrong for him to kill her, she definitely provoked him and if I was in his situation I would have reacted in the same way.